Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pineapple Express Review

Blogsters and blogettes. It rained all morning in Sea View. 2 wet 4 bottle rocket tag on the beach. Perfect for putting on your wetsuit and snorkeling gear and playing puddle chicken on the Ocean Boulevard median strip. Just a few puffs of fresh Jersey-Grown and we were set 4 the day.

Reg was running to the portajohn all day. Shes been trying to get into some medical study where they give u pot pills 2 treat irritating diarea syndrome. U have 2 have irritating diarea to get in though so shes been chewing ex-lax 4 a week. Im not sure its worth it 4 her but me and Suze r hoping she gets in cuz then she can score us some extra pot pills. We figure she owes us something 4 putting up with her irritating diarea, right?

At midnight me and Suze went 2 Starfish Cinemas 2 c Pineapple Express again. Reg showed up late after taking an on-line test 4 her music appreciation class.

U should definitely check out the new Pineapple Express flick if u havent already or even if u have. Ive seen it 17 times and its better each time. Tonight was in 3D. Actually is wasnt 3D but we were way gonzo and decided 2 bring our 3D glasses from home 2 experience this new epic in its fullest dimension. I highly recommend it. Lets just say that if u enjoy a puff of Jersey-Grown every now and then be4 a flick this is one 4 u.

Anyway. After the movie we walked along the abandoned boardwalk 4 a few more uninterrupted puffs of fresh Jersey-Grown. On the way back there was a big crowd hanging out in front of the police station so we checked it out. Cameras were all over the place. Sea View was majorly on the news.

Channel 2 was about to start filming live. That Priscilla Whats-Her-Face kept pushing her hair out of her eyes and then finally turned 2 let the ocean breeze blow her goldilocks back like in those Sports Illustrated swimsuit videos. U could even hear the wind whistling between her ears. Haha. Her camera bud started counting with his fingers and then she started her report. She said they arrested that Satin Strangler girl rite here in Sea View. Thats the one who has sex AND strangles on the first date. Unreal.

Having a serial murderer in our town would have been total BK (that’s short for buzz kill if your reading this straight), but I kept watching Suze behind the reporter. She was wearing the 3D glasses high on her head like a movie star gone wrong for the TV camera. Her face was beet red from laughing and coughing. She looked like a ginormous lady bug.

Wo I need 2 crash big time. Anyway. Hopefully youll c Suze on the news.

Thats all I got 4 now. Later.


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