Monday, September 15, 2008

Police Station

Blogsters and blogettes. Hopefully u saw Suze on the 5 oclock news. If not your loss.

Everybody in Sea Views talking about the Satin Strangler. That Destiny Blande girl is still locked up in the police station. The scene there is unreal. Half of Jersey is hanging out trying 2 c the strangler or get on TV.

My cousins cousin on the other side used 2 date this guy Russ who was working in the Oceanview Motel the night Destiny was arrested. He was drinking alone with nobody else. Hey it was a Tuesday. One of the seven best party nights in Sea View. Anyway. Destiny checked in2 the motel. Her green cat eyes reminded him of Miss Hayward his old fourth grade teacher. Doomee eyes that lure u in. Kind of like Reg on X. Just kidding about Reg. Miss Hayward was the one who used 2 wear short skirts and no panties. The boys loved her but she was run out of town by the PTA after bending over 2 pick up an eraser.

Anyway. Russ new rite when he saw Destiny that she was the girl from the marina video. He said she looked like she wanted 2 lay him down and strangle him right there in the lobby of the Oceanview Motel. The boy is tough though. He was in the navy for 2 months and he got a green belt in karate from Tiger Schulmann in AC so there was no way he was backing down from some strangler girl.

Russ called the cops. They stormed the place like a SWAT team, broke down the door where she was staying, and then dragged her out of the room. She was kicking and screaming and wearing nothing but lacy black underwear. Thats not the way it looked on the news but Russ the perv swears thats what he saw. He said she was trying 2 strangle the police rite there in the street.

Russ thinks hell get some kind of award. Who nose if thats true but it makes sense I guess. Thanks 2 him they caught that serial killer. It makes u wonder who wouldve been next and how many more men wouldve been strangled if he didnt call the cops.

Dying 4 a Scooby Snack, so I gotta go.

Thats all I got 4 now. Later.


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