Saturday, August 30, 2008

Missing Person

Blogsters and blogettes. Finally got some news 2 report from little old Sea View NJ. Some guy named Edgar Stahl is missing. My friend Reg (alias Regina Fiesta Gal) says Stahl is the demo guy hired 2 tear down the Star of Neptune Ferris wheel on Ocean Park pier. Lots of people r bummed about the Star, plus the papers are saying Stahl was in the hole for few million bucks, so the suspect list started out pretty long.

The police r looking for a woman seen in a security video from the marina where the demo guy docks his boat. Word on the street is that the video gal is the serial killer called the Satin Strangler. The gang down at the Bait and Bagel said the Satin Strangler is on a killing spree, sexing guys up, then strangling them with her stockings. They were pretty in2 it. Mainly the sexing up part.

Reg was gabbing about the Stahl guy while scoring me and Suze a puff of fresh Jersey-Grown. Suze is part 3 of our party sisterhood. Every1 thinks were twins which cant even b true cuz shes 22 and Im 26 plus shes not even Italian.

It was good 2 have Reg around. She ditched us the last few nights. Shes taking some online course on the history of rock music at North American University. Once she scores enough credits she wants to get into a 4 year school with sororities. She wants 2 get a degree in music appreciation. The appreciation part comes from her dad, who played in the Vapor Noodles with my dad back in the day. None of that talent rubbed off on us, but we love partying to good tunes thanks 2 them.

About the Stahl guy. Some New York reporters have been hanging out at Ocean Park pier where he was last seen. They had Regs mom on the news asking her questions. When she got home she ran up 2 Regs room 2 tell us. Fastest she ever moved. She was huffing and puffing. I thought 4 sure shed blow her cookies rite on the shag carpet.

Were going 2 c if the reporters r hanging there again today. Suze just got her boobies done so she looks more like my twin again. Haha. Anyway. Shes trying to get herself on TV 2 start her acting career. Not sure if I want 2 b there in case she decides 2 flash those bad girls for the cameras.

Suze just punched me in the arm for that comment by the way. She better b careful cuz the doctors told her not 2 swing her arms around 4 a couple of weeks or else her new boobies might slide up into her pits. Looks like there halfway up their already. Time 2 hit the “Save” button on this blog be4 she starts punching me again.

Thats all I got 4 now. Later.


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