Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stalking a Strangler

Blogsters and blogettes. Heres the rest of what happened the night of the Satin Strangler verdict.

It was a crazy scene outside the courtroom. Half the place was cheering. Half the place was booing. Everyone started pushing 4ward 2 the entrance. The police were lined behind barricades yelling thru megaphones just like in the movies. They looked more scared than us 2 tell u the truth. Cookie the fortune teller was hacking and yelling something about tear gas. But there wasnt any tear gas as far as I could tell. She smokes two packs of Lucky Strikes a day so it was probably the Luckys.

Be4 I new it Destiny Blande and her lawyer dude were busting thru the crowd. I was up on my tippy toes but all I could c was the back of everyones heads. Reminded me of when we snuck out 2 Teterboro Airport that night 2 pay homage to Bon Jovi when they returned from their European tour. Great idea. Poor execution. I did get my cell phone up high enough 2 get a photo of part of my forehead with Destinys hip and lawyer dudes butt in the background. Pretty cool. Id post it in a blog but I am trying to sell it 2 People magazine.

Regs cousin Bobbie has a friend Jimmy who is trying 2 get in2 the Sea View police force. All of a sudden Jimmy comes running up and says hes going 2 follow Destiny in his car. I begged him to take us but he said no way. Then Suze promised 2 flash her boobies if he took us with him and within seconds we were riding in his Firebird.

Reg bailed on us after the courthouse. Suze says the rumor is that Reg is dating some guy. Not sure y she wont talk 2 us about it. Hey whatevz. Guys who keep u from prime party hours r not worth the trouble.

Somehow we ended up not just behind Destinys Accord but also her lawyer dudes B-mer. Major score. I guess that cop training stuff is paying off 4 Jimmy. At first it was slow going but then the pace picked up in our little 3 car parade.

The cars we were following eventually rolled to a stop near a sign that said Mount Rose, NJ. Never heard of it. The place was jammed with people carrying signs and camped out in tents along the roadside. It was like Woodstock or something but without the rain and Hendrix is dead so he wasnt southpaw jamming 2 the National Anthem on his electric guitar. The two cars made U-turns 2 bolt out of there so we followed.

Destiny headed north on the Turnpike followed by the lawyer dude and us. Be4 I new it, we rolled 2 a stop in Little Italy in NYC. Destiny and creepy lawyer dude ducked in2 La Cucina Matera restaurant, so we followed. Now what? Jimmy didnt seem 2 have a plan in mind so we just sat down a few empty tables away from the couple of the century.

I couldnt believe how close we were 2 Destiny Blande. I stared at her the whole time. Is she really innocent? Theres no way. Everybody has 2 know shes guilty. OJ guilty. No room 4 doubt. What was the jury thinking?

What were the two of them doing here together? He definitely had the hots 4 her, but she was all business. They signed a whole stack of papers, then lawyer dude put some back in his briefcase and Destiny put some in her yellow purse.

Was she sizing him up 4 the kill? She killed up to 70 men, then she fooled her lawyer, then the jury. Shell want to kill again. Lawyer dude would b 2 easy for her. 2 chubby 2 wimpy 2 slow. A good old fashioned strangler girl would want more of a challenge. Destiny sat there looking bored silly.

Lawyer dude was totally turned on by Destiny though. He kept licking his lips like a man in the desert standing in front of an ice cream mirage. Beads of sweat grew along his eyebrows, despite how cool it was in the restaurant. Every time he removed his glasses and wiped his forehead, his funky hairdo flopped around. He looked like an overinflated sweaty Gordon Gecko.

Finally lawyer dude made his move and held Destinys hand. She shook her head and folded her arms like she was guarding an armored car. Total shut down mode. Sorry dude.

Without any warning, Suze stumbled over 2 the other table. We had no idea what she was doing but she later told us she was trying 2 have us take her picture with them. But she slipped and fell in2 their table knocking glasses and silverware on the floor and blowing our cover. Suze became twisted up in the table cloth coated in layers of antipasto meats and cheeses. She was lying there on the floor looking like idiot Stromboli.

Destiny and her lawyer dude took off and we never saw them again.

Suze ended up with a piece of what she swears was Destinys garlic bread with a bite taken out of it. She says she wants to get it bronzed or something.

Thats all I got 4 now. Later.


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