Sunday, July 4, 2010

Riding the Star of Neptune

Blogsters and blogettes. Last night was unreal. U probably watched it on TV. Some of you might have even been there. Suze and me went 2 the reopening of Ocean Park Amusement Pier. It was like the story Brigantine where that town keeps coming back every 100 years. Sea Views been dead 4ever but came back 2 life last night.

We were all lined up along the new boardwalk waiting and wondering y nothing was happening. The lights from the news crews were shining back on us but the park up ahead was still pitch black.

A spotlight came from nowhere and lit up Mayor Mayfield in a sky ride car. As the spotlight widened we could c that he was next 2 a woman in a tie-dye dress. It was Reg. They were arm in arm and waving down 2 the crowd.

I never saw Reg in a dress. And boy was she pregnant. About 8 months.

May Mays voice boomed thru a loudspeaker down on2 the eager crowd. It sounded like God. He welcomed everyone watching live across America 2 the town of Sea View and then announced the re-opening of Ocean Park.

“But be4 we open the park,” he said, “theres just one more thing I have 2 do.”

He got down on one knee and asked Reg 2 marry him. She said yes and they kissed 2 thunderous applause.

A sudden zinging sound came from the thick black wires winding around the park. The crowd moved back, but then we all got up on our toes 2 c over each other. The ginormous “Welcome 2 Ocean Park Amusement Pier” sign on the front gate burst into light.

Then, one by one, each of the rides lit up and began 2 move.

The Breath Taker roller coaster.

Destinys Dream merry-go-round.

The Black Widow tilt-o-whirl.

The Praying Mantis rock climbing wall.

The bumper cars, the pirate ship, the train ride, the toboggan, and all the others came on next. Then the lights burst on at all of the concession stands and game booths.

The crowd chanted “May May, May May, May May.”

The spot light swung thru the sky and landed on the dark frame of the Star of Neptune. A trumpet blast came from somewhere. Then the Ferris wheel lit up with color.

Ocean Park was completely alive.

Reg announced that two lucky visitors had been selected 2 b the first 2 ride the all-new Star of Neptune. A man in a black top hat and tuxedo walked up 2 me and Suze and handed us each a monster cotton candy. Then he bowed and stuck his elbows out wide.

We locked arms as tux guy guided us in2 the park like an usher at a wedding. Every1 else waited outside.

Reg smiled at us. Me and Suze lifted our cotton candy in her direction as a thank you. Then the sky ride started and Reg and May May zoomed out in2 the darkness.

Tux guy led us thru the partially open gates and up 2 the Ferris wheel, opened the door 2 the ride, and bowed again. The Ferris wheel gave a little whine and then lifted us off the boardwalk just as the Springsteen song Jersey Girl crackled thru the loudspeakers.

As soon as we were off the ground, the gates below swung open and everyone ran 2 their favorite rides.

Riding the Star of Neptune was unreal. From the top of the ride u could c for miles across all of the Sea View wannabe towns lining the shore.

We sat there at the center of the universe, on the top of the world, and lit up some fresh Jersey-Grown.

Now Im not religious or anything, and maybe it was a little of the Jersey-Grown talking, but I have a feeling that if theres a heaven, it looks a lot like Ocean Park did rite at that moment 2 anyone like me who grew up in Sea View.

It was hard 2 imagine anything better.

That’s all I got 4 now. Later.



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