Friday, October 9, 2009

Little Weenie

Blogsters and blogettes. Has anyone seen the Playgirl photos of Destiny Blande’s old dumped boyfriend? That nerdy guy whats-his-name on Before the Satin? The Playgirl issue just came out yesterday and everybodys going wild over it. Youd think Jon Bon Jovi Rock God was in the photos.

Suze scored the issue from her mom and we checked it out at breakfast yesterday. The photos r nothing 2 write home about. U almost couldnt c anything behind the staple in the middle. If I was a guy and had a weenie that small I wouldnt b posing in a boy toy maggy. Know what I mean?

Suzes brother Richie wanted to c the maggy but hes not gay or anything so he had 2 act like he saw it by mistake while bending over to grab his sweat socks off the coffee table. He said Destinys old boy has a medical disease called microscope fallicks. Hes in med school at the community college so he knows that kind of stuff. We never heard of it. He said the only treatment is 2 do transplants from a donkey d like his. Richie forgets we saw him peeing in the Meadowlands parking lot at the Springsteen concert so no chance of him making it as a donkey donor.

Suze rolled a big fat Jersey-Grown stogie and said “Best teenie weenie songs of all time.” This one was tough, especially without Reg there. Suze and me gathered together a list of the best song titles of all time dedicated 2 the Satin Stranglers boyfriend. Spent all day on it. Heres the ones I remember.

Teenie Weenie (by 24-K)
Give Me an Inch (by Robert Palmer)
Little Willie (by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
Its a Small World (that Disney ride song)
Tiny Dancer (by Elton John)
Fairweather Johnson (by Hootie & the Blowfish)
My Ding-a-Ling-a-Ling (by Chuck Berry)
Wee Willie Winkie (by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
Dont U Feel Small (by Moody Blues)
Inch by Inch (by Elvis Costello)
Tiny Town (by David Byrne)
Short People (by Randy Newman)
Never Give an Inch (by .38 Special)
Short As Hell (by Gamma Ray)

Thats all I got 4 now. Later.


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